Hot Chick Fucking in the Bushes

fucking in the bushes

If you’re looking for something a bit more daring and exotic, you can definitely try more public acts of sex. Of course, you can’t do it in the center of a mall or you’ll get caught and arrested. That doesn’t stop some people from at least stripping naked or even having sex on their balcony or lots of other public places!

There are a wide variety of different girls that do all types of stuff. In this video though, we see a heavily tattooed guy go at it with his cute girlfriend on the front (or back) part of a bathroom stall. Her cute tits just jiggle around as he takes her from behind. She’s buck naked but he still has his tank top and jeans on. It’s quite a sight for those who are far more thrilled with the prospect of being exhibitionists. You always have to be on guard for cops though!

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Caged Blowjob

caged blowjob

Some people love to watch, and others love to exhibit themselves having sex. With these various pictures, you can see exhibitionism at its extreme with women taking cocks in dog cages, or having sex in bathrooms or just inside partying with other people. It really is an amazing culture that is well presented here. The one pic has a blonde chick taking a big dick in a cage before taking a dick up her tight little asshole. Can you imagine this kind of stuff going on in daylight? Thankfully the cops were nowhere to be found. This is hardcore sex at its finest!

See the kinky fun HERE

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Fucked and Sucked in Public

outdoor fucking and sucking

It’s one thing to have sex in a studio, or your home if you’re an amateur, but another to do it publicly. You could definitely get into some trouble with indecent exposure, or worse. That’s part of the thrill for some as they engage in all sorts of outdoors debauchery. Blondes taking dick near an over ramp, people fucking or just showing off their junk right next to their cars. Day or night, you can see the action take place all over different cities, and with facials, big tits and more, you’ll never wanna leave the scene of all these victimless crimes either!

CLICK HERE to watch

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Blonde Blowjob and Public Fuck

public blowjob

When you are in need of public sex acts, there aren’t many sites that cater to such a specific niche. Thankfully, Public Violations is one of the sites that do! With over 3000 women featured, and 25 bonus sites to see, you won’t be bored with a membership here! With this gallery, we see a horny women giving head to her lover (or a complete stranger) before he lets him stick his cock deep in her horny, adventurous pussy. After they finish, she gets her clothes back on and leaves what looks like a public park area. The danger and excitement never end with these frisky devils!

Check out this free POV gallery for yourself. CLICK HERE

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Conny gets naked in the pool

conny naked in pool

Getting all sorts of public sex pics is really a challenge some days, but with Passion HD, you get a ton of pictures of women in swimming pools or just having their soaking wet pussies drip right onto the couch. With Conny Carter, you get both types of pics as you see her incredible set of tits visible as she swims in a swimming pool and gives viewers an amazing picture of her dripping wet pussy and tight asshole dripping with her boyfriend’s seed. She makes love to her boyfriend in the pool before leading him out for an incredible fuck session, starting with a passionate blowjob.

Click here to watch Conny’s awesome video for yourself.

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Public Blowjob

public blowjob

There are nice, secluded little corners of any city where you can go and no one will notice you were there, and no one will just come stopping by without you getting some hint they are coming. Those places are nice places to stop by for a bit of a thrill, and a place some will sneak away for a quicky, a nice secluded fuck where someone just might capture you, but you most likely won’t have to go scurrying away until you’ve managed to get your rocks off.

These two found their little secluded corner and were quick to take advantage of it. What started with them just quickly stripping down the bare minimums to get things going quickly escalated when they realized they found a bit of a safer area, where they probably wouldn’t get discovered. She could barely wait to get his shorts down before she popped his cock in her mouth and got him nice and hard for a quick, frenzied bit of fucking right there against the wall. You can watch them popping up to make sure no one sees them now and again, but that doesn’t make their quicky any less thrilling. 

I can’t get enough of these two. See the HERE

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Fucked Outside from Behind

brunette fucked outside

There is a certain thrill to cornering a girl out in public and getting a nice, hot, quick fuck in before anyone knows you’ve been there. Some women like the feeling of getting caught, others just love the thrill of a nice, hard, quick fucking out in a place where the air is nice and fresh and they can feel like they are doing something extra wicked as they get a nice hard cock inside them. We love finding those places where a quicky will go unnoticed as well, because we just know that someone will come right along, and often it is a debate in our spectators whether to watch, or not.

This particularly hot brunette couldn’t wait for our hard-bodied boy toy to find a nice wall to slam her up against and fill her with his big cock. He said she was absolutely soaking before he even lay a finger on her, so you can guess how good it felt when he finally flipped her around, pinned her against a metal building and slipped her the cock. It was hurried, but with their bodies slapping together it made a great sound in this relatively quiet neighborhood. At least until her panting and moaning got the best of her as she came hard from the thrill.

Check out this steamy video HERE

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Hiking Trail Sex

hiking trail sex

When you want to add a little thrill to your life, especially when you have a hot, sweet, willing girl, few things are better than finding a somewhat isolated spot and indulging in a little public playtime. It is even better when it’s not completely deserted, because you just never know when someone will get a glimpse of heaving bodies, or a hot girl stripped down and crying out in pleasure. It adds so much of a thrill it can sometimes be hard to stay in control, especially when you need to be fast and intense when you fuck, because you’re just trying to get off before someone gets a glimpse, and makes trouble.

This particular couple just couldn’t wait when they went out hiking. After all, the setting was perfect, a beautiful sunny day, a nice isolated area, and the hike got them all worked up. She couldn’t even wait to get undressed, she had his cock popped out and in her mouth so quickly it was almost too fast to get the camera set up to capture it all. That’s ok though, they did plenty of other things to heat things even more then the bright sunny day. There’s one thing about fucking outside, you have to find some rather interesting positions, because you probably don’t want to use the ground as your bed. They made sure they indulged in all the standing positions so she wouldn’t get too dirty, but when he finally unloaded, she couldn’t help but get a little dirty!

She really gets plowed out there. CLICK HERE and watch

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Sex on the Beach

When I was out for a walk last week I saw these two fuckers in the distance. My dick got hard almost immediately as this brown-haired beauty and her man got down and dirty right there on the stairs. I loved it when he leaned over him and I could see her sweet round ass. She pulled the guys dick out and started to suck it. I was getting horny so I grabbed my own cock and squeezed. She pulled down her top and revealed a nice rack with pointy nipples. The guy sucked her tits until she pushed him back and mounted his cock. I could tell it felt really good because I could hear them moaning. Before long, he pushed her up, flipped her over the stirs, and started fucking her doggy style. Then he slurped up her juicy twat until it was dry and spewed his load all over her. I came at the same time. This was the best hike I’ve ever had.

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Amateur Showing Off Her Ass

If you are looking for something different than the typical porn video where girls with too much makeup cakes on their faces pose for the camera, then I’ve got something for you. If you like to spy on real people, or public nudity turns you on, then check out these videos. These are videos of real people out in public, either naked or having sex for the whole world to see. There are some people that really get turned on by being naked in public, or seeing other people naked in public. It makes me horny as hell, what about you?

There are a bunch of awesome videos here. My favorite is the girl in the little red dress. This sexy brunette has a perfect body. She bends over, looking for something in her car, and shows off her ass. She’s just waiting for someone to slip a finger in her wet hole. A stranger sees her and walks over to help her out. But he’s not helping her find that missing item, he wants a piece of that sweet ass. Do you think he’ll get it? Or is this girl nothing but a big tease? He better hurry up and make his move before she pulls up her red panties and drives away.

CLICK HERE for more public nudity!

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